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Why Choose DIVA for Breast Care?

Diva – Centre for Breast Care is a holistic center dedicated to the comprehensive care of the female breast, from breast health and noncancerous masses to outstanding breast cancer care. We intend to be a center in which women of all means can seek and receive care. Diva aims to create a healthier experience for Breast cancer patients to empower them with options and hope.

Focus of care team at Diva is to provide compassionate care that combines best medical treatment and supportive services.

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Breast Cancer

What is Breast Cancer?

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Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty focusing on the reconstruction, alteration or the restoration of the human body.

Breast Cancer Treatment

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Meet Our Specialist

Dr. Mandeep S. Malhotra, Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon is heading DIVA. He believes early detection is the key to prevention. Dr. Mandeep S. Malhotra’s also believes surviving Breast Cancer without Breast is battle half won.

The irony is that cancer occurring due to tobacco chewing is much more curable than cancer which occur in non chewers.

Dr. Mandeep S. Malhotra, received his training in surgical oncology from Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital (IRCH), AIIMS. He further trained himself in Head Neck Oncology and Microvascular reconstruction from Mazumdar-Shaw Cancer Center – Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore.

To know more about Dr. Mandeep S. Malhotra and his philosophy of care please click here

Breast Cancer Services

Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Treatments

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Breast Saving Cancer Surgery (Breast Preservation)

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Chemotherapy In A Peaceful, Convenient And Holistic Environment

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Breast Reconstruction

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Genomics Guided Chemotherapy Treatment

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Holistic Care: Diet, Counselling, Physiotherapy

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Rehabilitation - Lymphedema Clinic, Physiotherapy

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Stage Iv And Palliative Care

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